Getting crafty with toucanBox

Today was a dreich day in Edinburgh (not a rarity), so we decided to skip our usual post-lunch walk and get stuck into the toucanBox instead. If you’re not familiar with this brand, it’s an arts and crafts subscription box for kids. It’s aimed at 3-8 year olds and the crafts on offer vary according to age. I thought I’d order one for Emma as it is hard enough trying to keep a toddler entertained in the current climate without having to constantly think of ideas myself.

Aaand I’m so glad I did! It comes addressed to the child (Emma loves a parcel) and is beautifully presented in a brightly coloured box. There are several different crafts each month and you pick two that you think your child would enjoy and is suitable for their age. We went for the dinosaur dress-up and nature bag. Emma loves anything dino-themed so that was a no-brainer, and the nature bag seemed great as the wee one can make it and then use it when out for walks or play time. It also comes with a mystery object (a magnet this time), stickers and a magazine choc-a-bloc full of ideas to keep your child’s brain engaged. In this month’s magazine there’s a recipe for pizza flatbreads, how to make a rocket (plus fuel!) and an experiment to create a slimey oobleck, plus lots of other fun and games.

The dinosaur dress-up was a big hit as I’d expected. It was fun and easy to create, and there was lots of roaring going on all round! Emma did proceed to pick all the decorations off her dinosaur tail…but I should mention she is not quite 3 yet which is the suggested minimum age, and she is obsessed with stickers and things, so it was a bit inevitable. There was much concentration involved in colouring in her triceratops mask, and I could see she was trying to colour different sections in with different colours.

I really loved the Nature Bag activity, and my husband helped with this one too. He and Emma followed the instructions and made the lovely bag. We waited *not so patiently* for it to dry then used the stencil to create the nature shapes. It came with 4 little seasonal ‘bingo’ cards- these can be popped in the Nature Bag and used for a scavenger hunt (we’re going to try this tomorrow with the Spring card).

This was our first time trying toucanBox and I would highly recommend trying it out. Especially any parents who are struggling to keep their wee ones occupied at the moment! I saw the ad online and signed up for 50% off our first box, and I have a 50% off code for anyone else that may want to try it out (I’ll also get 50% off for each person that signs up):

Please share your thoughts and recommendations on the toucanBox and any other kids subscription boxes that you love 🙂